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AV8R Blog

  • How to Study Effectively

    The AV8R Blog

    So it’s that time where you need to sit your theory exams. When you finally sit down to revise and look at all the modules and materials before you this could start to seem quite daunting. But fear not! We’ve got some tips to help you along so that you can revise like a pro!

  • Are Budget Airlines Really Worth the Savings?

    The AV8R Blog

    Spending under £100 for a return flight is a steal, I’m sure we can all agree! But at such a low cost, do you get what you pay for? Or do they pleasantly surprise you with what’s on offer?

  • Lufthansa WOKE up!

    The AV8R Blog

    We always love to make people feel included in our society, so new that brands, corporations and companies are making subtle changes that help people feel comfortable in their spaces is always a joy to hear.

  • From LaGuardia into the Hudson

    The AV8R Blog

    Tom Hanks, as iconic as he is, is probably the first face that pops into your head when you think of Sully Sullenberger. It’s a story that captured the minds of the world as they listened to the series of events and actions that occurred on that extraordinary day.

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