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Aircraft Touring

You have already stretched your horizons by gaining a PPL, so why not really take advantage of it by flying to some new destinations, including those overseas?

Just a couple of hours in an average club tourer will take you to at least six different countries, where the formalities for visiting aircraft are simpler than you may think.

You can claim back the tax on any exported aviation fuel, which is called ‘drawback’. You’ll find regular accounts of pilots’ trips overseas online, and your local club may well go touring or hold fly-outs.

Consider also a self-fly hire in other countries. The USA is well set up for this. You’ll need a US Airman’s Certificate which takes a little time to arrange so start the process early. Surf the ’net to find a flight school where you want to go, make contact and ask about formalities. A similar process applies in many other countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

Aviation News

The AV8R Blog

  • Come Back Concorde?

    The AV8R Blog

    You may have already heard the exciting news; United Airlines are hoping to bring air travel into the future by harking back to the past? The exciting or worrying news, depending on how you look at it or how good your memory is, that United Airlines have added fifteen planes to their fleet that are capable of travelling at twice the speed of modern airlines with the aim of bringing back supersonic travel.

  • Post-Covid Flying

    The AV8R Blog

    It would be remiss not to realise the almighty impact Covid-19 has had on the aviation industry. Of course, a lot of the large tourism-based industries have taken massive hits over the course of the pandemic, but none with such large overheads and little to no revenue coming in.