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Linda Wheeler Ground School

Phone Number: 01753 889652
Address: Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 7RH
Website: https://www.lindawheelergroundschool.com

Come along and enjoy your PPL(A) & IMC Groundschool training in a professional but fun environment and leave with your exams passed.

In just 5 days, you will have completed all your PPL(A) theoretical knowledge exams and be ready to return to your flying school to complete your licence, without the stress and hassle of studying at home. You will learn the key aspects of all the PPL groundschool theory subjects and appreciate why these subjects are a vital part of any pilots’ training.

Linda Wheeler is a PPL Theory Instructor & Examiner and is a CAA approved training organisation (ATO) based near Denham Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire. Linda specialises in teaching small groups or providing one to one tuition, allowing every student to expect to achieve a good understanding of each subject and excellent exam results. Linda also teaches at other venues across the country, so can be near you.

Ground School in Just One Week? It is possible says Linda Wheeler

Whilst many dream of learning to fly, few of us have the same enthusiasm for Ground School. Faced with weeks of dreary evening classes and home study, it’s often the barrier that gets in the way of the aspiring pilot and gaining that treasured Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). That may all be about to change, according to Linda Wheeler.

“Ground School doesn’t have to be a grind,” says Linda, who has recently combined her 20 plus years as a private pilot with her experience in the education sector to develop her own technique as an instructor, either in group classes or one-to-one tuition, she is proving that she is onto a winner.

“When I set out to change the way would be pilots could approach Ground School, I was drawing on my experience in secondary education, where I discovered that I had a knack for explaining difficult concepts to people in a way that was simple, meaningful and memorable,” says Linda. “Bringing that experience to Linda Wheeler Ground School has shown that, for the motivated pilot who can dedicate the time, it’s perfectly possible to learn all of the subjects and pass all of the exams, in a single week.

“My ethos is: simplify, don’t mystify. I’m not trying to impress my students with my own daring exploits or prove to them how clever I am.  My job is to make sure that they know all of the information they need in order to be a safe and qualified pilot.  I can get them ready for those tough exams – and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. ”


Can I fly in one EU state and do my exams in the UK before I go?

From the 31st December 2020, the UK left EASA. UK exams at the moment are only vaild in the UK and approved for the PPL UK Licence.

I have passed some exams, can I do the rest with lindawheelergroundschool.com?

Yes, you can complete all PPL exams or just some with lindawheelergroundschool.com

Will I have a good knowledge of each PPL subject?

Everyone learns in a different way, whether Visual, Kinaesthetic or Auditory. Linda Wheeler makes the most of all these styles of learning, using colour, sound and flying instruments, along with other various learning tools. Linda Wheeler manages to create a fun environment and enables students with abbreviations and acronyms which will never be forgotten!

Are there any “hidden extras”


Where is the school located?

Linda Wheeler Ground School is a CAA – ATO (Approved Training Organisation) Linda’s classroom is based at her home in Gerrards Cross, 2 miles from Denham Aerodrome



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