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Become a Cumulus Club Partner Today

If your business is looking to make contact and engage with people who love everything about aviation, partnering with the Cumulus Club makes perfect sense.

We have a growing membership and pride ourselves in creating a platform that is not only accessible but beneficial to our members. We provide support, community engagement, training and offer discounts to our members through various businesses across the UK.

It’s free to sign up as a partner and you retain 100% of sales made through our site.

What is Cumulus Club?

The Cumulus Club is a membership-only club that was created to provide support and a sense of community for pilots, future pilots and anyone else who has a love of the aviation industry.

We aim to offer our members a range of support and discounts that makes their lives easier, brings them together and creates an amazing sense of community.

The wider aviation industry provides employment and services across the UK and has been under threat recently with airfields being closed and used for housing projects. Our community looks to create a central focus that supports the industry and bring like-minded individuals together.

Our members get benefits such as free landing fees, reduced trial flights and hanger fees, discounts at cafes, reduced pilot supplies and a whole host of other exclusive offers. Our entire focus is on providing these for our members and we’re always looking for new partners who can provide value and opportunity for them.

The Benefits of Partnering with Cumulus Club

Providing members discounts and special offers can make a big difference to businesses. Unlike other sites like Quickco, Wowcher and Red Letter Days, however, Cumulus Club does not charge any kickbacks, commissions, operate affiliate linking or ask for referral fees.

  • It’s free to sign up as a partner with Cumulus Club and you get your dedicated page on our site that is only visible to members.
  • Any transaction that you undertake is directly with our members and your business keeps all the money it makes without having to pay anything to us.

We do this because we want to create value for our members and build a really valuable community and support the aviation sector.

Who Are Our Members?

Cumulus Club members come from all walks of life. Some are pilots or trainee pilots, others work in private airfields around the UK, many simply love the aviation industry and simply want to support it or know more about what’s going.

We often focus on big airports and companies when it comes to aviation without realising there are thousands of people around the UK who work in and around small and private airfields. Our partnerships are the ideal way to connect with these individuals and businesses and make a real difference within the sector.

How Do I Become a Partner?

We don’t charge you for becoming a partner or take a cut of your profits. We don’t even tell you what your offer should be.

We aim to provide benefits for our members and you can make as many offers as you like. You also get your own, dedicated page that allows you to talk to our members directly.

If you’d like to join as a partner, fill in our application form today.  




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