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Free Monthly Fuel - Competition

FREE Fuel, yes i know we must be mad, crazy or maybe done to many aeros, well no the touchdown radio crew will be giving away tanks and tanks of fuel be it Avgas, MOGAS, Jet A1. throughout 2021 and when fly activities start, look out for the random airfield visits in the Touchdown PA28. if you see it all you need to do is subscribe the crew may ask you name and email to check and if it matches our subscriber database you will have your fuel paid right there on the spot.

We will pick at random a member of our subscribers each and every month for a tank of fuel regardless of if the PA28 is flying or not.

How to enter.

  1. Subscribe using the below form.
  2. Accept the terms & Conditions.
  3. Click Enter

Wow that was nice and simple. indeed it was and if your name is on the list then your in it to win it right here on Touchdown Radio.

only used in case of a winning claim
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