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Gliding Medicals

The requirements for medical certification to fly gliders in the UK are currently governed by the BGA and in addition to the aforementioned medical certificates you can also use a current driving licence to go gliding solo in the UK until April 2020. 

From what we know at the moment (January 2020) this is probably going to continue, but it’s worth checking the BGA website for future changes. For those wanting to fly passengers or instruct, a higher medical standard is required and details for this can be found on the BGA’s website. It is very important to make sure that you check for flights after April 1 2020 what is in place as in principle a LAPL Medical and LAPL Licence will need to be held, unless the exemption is extended which allows national licences to be continued to be used. For more information on medicals go to www.caa.co.uk.

Aviation News

The AV8R Blog

  • Come Back Concorde?

    The AV8R Blog

    You may have already heard the exciting news; United Airlines are hoping to bring air travel into the future by harking back to the past? The exciting or worrying news, depending on how you look at it or how good your memory is, that United Airlines have added fifteen planes to their fleet that are capable of travelling at twice the speed of modern airlines with the aim of bringing back supersonic travel.

  • Post-Covid Flying

    The AV8R Blog

    It would be remiss not to realise the almighty impact Covid-19 has had on the aviation industry. Of course, a lot of the large tourism-based industries have taken massive hits over the course of the pandemic, but none with such large overheads and little to no revenue coming in.