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Lufthansa WOKE up!

We always love to make people feel included in our society, so new that brands, corporations and companies are making subtle changes that help people feel comfortable in their spaces is always a joy to hear. People belonging to the LGBTQ+ and queer communities often feel excluded from general society. The focus has always been on cis-gendered people first. But as the LGBTQ+ community is slowly becoming more and more normalised in society, we can see changes being made to make space for them, and giving them their rightful place at the table.

Often, Non-binary and gender fluid identifying people find themselves disenfranchised from day to day society. It’s always frustrating when a society refuses to accept you as you see yourself, and so anything that helps make people feel safe, seen and heard is always positive.

What does being Non-Binary mean?

In living memory, our society has always just accepted a binary aspect of gender; you are either male or female. But it has always been known that gender is a social construct, with its own set of rules set up by society to segregate people based on their biological, and thus gender became something that was falsley linked with sex. It is now widely accepted in the scientific community that even sex isn’t binary, with examples of intersex people being born everyday disproving this, and the notion that there are only two possible sets of chromosomes that a human can receive to mark their sex being disproved by the many variations commonly found. Due to the study of sex and gender as two different entities, we have slowly started to understand the differences between the two, and beyond that, pull ourselves away from the binary narrative and look at the examples of fluidity all around us. For centuries, ancient cultures and civilizations across the globe have included men, women and ‘third genders’. This still exists in places like India, where people called ‘Hijra’ identify as neither fully male or fully female, thus disproving the binary simply by existing. Being non-binary, boiled down to its simplest form, means that you don’t identify as just the male or female gender, but exist in a sphere between the two.

The lack of understanding for these principles has meant that there has been a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation, and often non-binary people are excluded from the conversation and relegated to the ‘alt’ (alternative) community and othered for their differences. But Lufthansa has made steps in the right direction in trying to be more inclusive and started making gender neutral announcements on board. Gone is the old fashioned “Ladies and Gentlemen” and in comes “Dear Guests”. It’s such a small and simple change but it is inclusive of everyone. Some may argue that they are being too ‘woke’ and that it’s political correctness gone mad. But those people have never been made to feel excluded by language so why listen to what they have to say anyway?

It may seem like such a small change, but we applaud Lufthansa for making everyone feel more included, because it doesn’t take much effort but it makes all the difference in the world.


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