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The First-Class Experience

The experience of first-class flight is a dream of many to experience at least once in their lives. We’ve seen it advertised, and depicted in movies and television. But for a ticket whose price point can start quite high for some, what makes flying this way worth it for you. 

Some of the worlds most renowned first-class experiences are delivered by airlines such as Virgin, Emirates, Singapore airlines and British airways to name a few. They are famed for their luxury service both pre-flight and on board. It's not just skipping queues, hot towels and complimentary mimosas. The first-class experience is heavily curated to make flying in style an experience. We’ve all seen the Emirates advert starring Jennifer Anniston having a nightmare from her luxury suit on an Emirates airline, where she had woken up in economy class, on an airline with no showering facilities, no beds and no lounge. Of course, this is the experience for the average flyer. That’s not to say that economy class is all hard backed seats and throngs of sweaty people, but the level of luxury offered by some airlines does make it seem like this in comparison. 

Emirates is perhaps the most noteworthy; taking leaps in luxury that is sought after by influencers and celebrities alike. Their fully enclosed suites offer unmatched comfort and privacy that is enticing to even the most passionate economy class flyer. The enclosed space becomes your own, it’s spacious with a large TV screen and very comfortable beds (their pillows and blankets being sourced from luxury bedding). Furthermore, lighting and temperature can be controlled to each individual suite, which, given this attention to detail, makes the experience truly bespoke. Champagne is served almost on tap, and their menu is akin to fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant, with things like caviar and lobster on the menu. Similarly, Air France also offers an enclosed space, though this is achieved with curtains so it isn’t quite the suite that Emirates offers. With highly trained cabin crew, and a flawless service, the experience is most certainly one of luxury and comfort. Arguably the first-class lounge offered exclusively to ticket holders pre-flight is one of the finest experiences of all the lounges, so the ticket you purchase starts the experience off right at the airport. In fact, most first-class experiences, whether they offer a suite or not, take pride in comfort and luxury; from leather seats, to Egyptian cotton bedding, as aforementioned, it’s all about the experience of luxury. Many airlines take pride in their on-board menus, and in some cases have world renowned chefs flying with them to provide their guests with true sensory pleasures. The champagne is effectively flowing and the caviar being shovelled in to guest’s mouths by the truck load.  

More than the material luxury value, the first-class flying experience is all about its seamlessness. The no bumps aviation experience is most apparent here. With highly trained staff, carefully curated lounges and cabins, the experience of flying is aimed at providing a sense of respite and a luxury hotel-like feel. So even if you get to experience this just once in your life, take the opportunity. But for the vast majority of us, airlines also take pride in ensuring that economy class is as comfortable as possible, they just go above and beyond in first class. 



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