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Touchdown Radio is a 100% digital platform, using the latest broadcasting technology and in-house developed applications - we can be heard on all of your favourite devices in over 47 countries.

One of the funniest things we have been asked so far is what frequency we will be on :-) well our answer is we are live on the super highway frequency of the the World Wide Web!

We have an application for Small Scale DAB in process, so we will keep you updated on this.

Ok eager beavers I know you are wanting to download our application, but we are not quite there yet, so subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest updates on this!

  • Listen Online

    You can listen to Touchdown Radio in over 47 countries 24/7, 365 days a year. Simply click Listen Now on the main menu to listen to our great station.

  • Mobile Devices

    Touchdown Radio is available through Apple & Android app stores. Listen to us live on Apple iPhone, Android Smart Phones.Take Touchdown Radio wherever you go and on your demand.

  • Amazon Alexa Enables

    Why not get us on your favourite smart speaker by Amazon at home. Simply say "Hey Alexa, Play TouchDown Radio UK". We are here on tap at home, whenever you need us.

  • Online Streaming Services

    Touchdown Radio features on over 80 streaming services, so if you have your very own location for radio such as iHeart Radio, don't forget to come and reach us on your platform of choice.

  • Car Audio

    We don't need to have FM, it's dated and there are so many other connections possible. Why not take Touchdown Radio with you in your car with Android Auto?

    Great news coming soon our in-house team is working on the Apple CarPlay module - this just beats FM hands down!

  • Your TV Connected

    You can listen and watch Touchdown Radio from you Apple TV or Android TV set, just search your Smart TV for Touchdown Radio UK.

  • Apple Watch

    Connecting you in more ways than one, why not pop your earbuds in, load the App on your Apple Watch; Then let us do the rest.


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