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Radio Broadcast Assistant

Radio Broadcast Assistant
Closing Date: 31/05/2021
Location: UK



Touchdown Radio are currently looking for a Radio Broadcast Assistant to join their broadcasting team supporting the radio station related administration needs.

This role is for a 6 month, UK Government funded Kickstart placement, and will be for 25 hours per week on NMW. Kickstart placements are for people currently claiming Universal Credit. Other eligibility conditions apply.

Job Summary 

This role will be a home-working position working for our brand Touchdown Radio UK.  Touchdown Radio is an online radio station dedicated to the aviation industry, and part of this role is to research content for the radio including topics to be discussed, potential interviewees, and finding news stories to put on the air. 

There will also be an element of administration in terms of making sure aspects of the radio stations are organized, for example on-air competitions, phone ins etc. 

When new radio shows are preparing to be launched, the radio show schedule will also have to be updated on our website, so that our listeners know what they are tuning in to listen to.  The role would also involve communicating with our Marketing team, so that they are aware of the new shows that are to go on the air so that they can promote them on social media. 

Essential Skills, Experience & Qualifications 

Some experience of working in Radio is beneficial but not mandatory for this role.  As it is a radio station dedicated to aviation an interest in aviation would be advantageous but again not mandatory.   

The applicant must have excellent communication skills, written and verbal.   

At Runway Media we are a family orientated team, so working as a team is an essential skill required for this role.  

As it is a home-working position competency in using a computer and video conferencing is essential as this will be the main tools of the job role.  Really good internet connection will be required to ensure you can connect to the relevant systems. 

Employability Support 

Training will be mainly carried out in house as it will be specific on the job training.  But there are some elements where a more structured / official training is required, and this will be where we will provide access to some online courses with IHASCO including external CV companies. 

If you feel like you meet the above criteria for the Radio Broadcast Assistant then please apply now!


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