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Radio Presenter

Radio Presenter
Closing Date: 30/06/2021
Location: UK



Touchdown Radio are currently looking for Radio Presenters to have their own aviation related show on a regular basis to share their experiences, passion and love of aviation whether that is from a professional or leisure basis.

Job Summary 

This role will be a home-working position working for our brand Touchdown Radio UK.  Touchdown Radio is an online radio station dedicated to the aviation industry.

You will have your own show where content, interviews and music is all for you to decide, manage and execute.  Content (excluding the music) must be related to aviation and unique compared to our other shows we have on the air currently.  Your show will be a weekly show, and form a series of shows.

You will use radio broadcasting software to broadcast live on Touchdown Radio provided by us.

Essential Skills, Experience & Qualifications 

Some experience of talking on the radio or maybe doing Podcasts would be beneficial but not mandatory for this role.  It goes without saying that it is essential that you either work in the aviation industry or have an interest in aviation, and that you want to talk about it on air and engage with our listeners. 

The role can be carried out from your home or any location you like, as long as the background noise is low.  You will need to ensure that you have a computer/laptop, microphone and really good internet speed in order to broadcast your radio show.

It is essential that you have excellent time keeping as you will be presenting live on the radio and we need to make sure that the shows are broadcasted as scheduled.

If you feel like you meet the above criteria to become a Radio Presenter then please apply now!


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