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Touchdown Wellbeing

Welcome to Touchdown Radio's Wellbeing Page, here we hope to offer some information on reaching out and speaking out in General Aviation.

With many pilots not feeling able to speak up and voice their thoughts because they fear the loss of their medicals and therefore their right to fly - we hope to change the approach to being more open.

We are here to make a difference and want to ensure the CAA take this seriously and stop the potential ticking time bomb around Mental Health.

We have created a poster which you can download below, please share, print and post in your local flying school or airport.

We can only start to AVIATE & NAVIGATE if we first COMMUNICATE.

A few questions for you…

Why are YOU important?

Why is YOUR Mental Health important?

When you start taking care of yourself you start to improve all areas of your life.  It always starts with YOU, and this is where WE can help you…

YOUR Mental Health & Wellbeing is so important, and we want to support YOU in your journey to feel the best YOU can be.

Hop on over to our sister platform Cumulus Wellbeing to find out more, we are waiting to help YOU start that conversation and to take that first step…



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