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What is Pilot Selection?

Selection will be a part of your pilot training career, either before or after training. It will examine your interpersonal and technical skills, personality and motivation for the career. Your skills will be tested typically through aptitude tests, measuring your reactions, hand-eye coordination and other reflexes relevant to flying an aeroplane.

Maths tests also normally feature, to measure your ability to perform mental arithmetic quickly and accurately.

Personality tests are becoming more widespread and popular. It is possible to prepare to some degree, becoming familiar with the format of the tests. Schools will be able to offer guidance.

Your personal skills are measured through interview and group exercises to assess leadership and teamwork, key skills that will impact how you work within an airline crew.

An interview will examine your strengths and weaknesses, and achievements and challenges you have come across in your life so far. You will be examined on your motivation for the job, and knowledge of the industry. 

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